Texas congressmen tour Houston facility turning the tables on human trafficking

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HOUSTON — Human trafficking is taking its toll on the Lone Star State.

"Women deserve better than prostitution and sexual exploitation is nobody's job," Executive Director Micah Gamboa of Elijah Rising said.

According to Elijah Rising, a Houston non-profit dedicated to fighting human trafficking, Houston seems to remain a hub for human and sex traffickers. The organization is trying to curb the trafficking epidemic.

Two Texas congressmen, both working on bills to help stop the scourge plaguing our state, visited Elijah Rising on Thursday.

"We also learned today that there's a very good city ordinance that can shut down most of these sexually-oriented businesses, but it's not being enforced," Texas District 7 Congressman John Culberson insisted.

Turning things on their head, Elijah Rising is housed in a spot that used to be a brothel!

"Houston has over 500 illegal massage parlors, and that would be in a place like this, like an Asian massage parlor," Gamboa said.

Talk about turning the tables on crime! Now the facility has become a house of hope.

"We are starting up a new restorative care facility to house women after they exit 'the life,'" Gamboa explained.

The location even houses a Museum of Modern Day Slavery, which especially brings to light the spreading epidemic that is human trafficking.

"But I think from what I've learned today I understand our work is not done, and this will require ongoing surveillance and attention," Texas Representative Michael Burgess of District 26 said following his tour.

Perhaps with some powerful muscle in Washington, these Texas congressmen can help put the brakes on Texas trafficking for good!

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