Elderly woman plays dead after being shot during home invasion

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LAS VEGAS — Quick instincts and a strong will is what kept Miss Shevaun alive.

She's 80 years old, but never in her life has she experienced something like this.

It all started Sunday morning when a man broke into her Las Vegas home through an unlocked back door, waking her.

"I see this naked man looking through some dishes, and I said what are you doing here? And he came rushing over to me and said I'm gonna rape you." Shevaun explains what played out next.

As she tried to escape, the man knocked her to the ground, her face now black and blue because of it. But it didn't stop there. After a struggle with the man that eventually overpowered Shevaun, he used her mother's antique gun to shoot her in the face.

Miraculously, thanks to the right angle, it didn't kill her.

Instincts told her to play dead until he left.

"I kept my head down on the arm of the couch," Shevaun said.

From her hospital bed, Shevaun was determined to help police find her attacker, and their work paid off.

Registered sex offender Herbert Rogers has been charged with attempted murder, sex assault, kidnapping, battery to commit sexual assault, burglary and robbery.

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