Suspect arrested after dragging game warden 20 feet on ATV in Montgomery County

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY - A man is in custody after evading arrest and dragging a game warden Saturday night.

According to deputies, a game warden tried to stop two ATVs near Sorters Rd. in Montgomery County around 9 p.m.

One of the ATVs pulled over and an intern who was with the game warden stayed with three people from that vehicle.

The driver of the other ATV took off, but the game warden was able to catch up with him near a sand processing plant. The driver refused to get off the ATV and somehow, the game warden got caught on it.

The game warden was dragged about 15 to 20 feet before he was able to fire one shot and free himself from the ATV, but the driver managed to get away.

It took all night, but investigators found 33-year-old David Marshall Joucken, uninjured around 5 a.m., thanks to theTexas Rangers and a helicopter that was brought in from Austin, TX to assist with the search.

The game warden suffered road rash but is expected to be okay.

The Joucken is charged with aggravated assault.

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