Brutal New York subway smack down caught on camera; one suspect in custody

NEW YORK - One man is in custody for brutally attacking another on a New York subway.  Despite the violent incident being caught on camera, 35-year-old Goevannie Nieves says he has no memory of the attack that left another man with a fractured skull and a broken eye socket.

"I don't remember nothing that happened, sorry man."

It happened Saturday, just before midnight on a southbound train.  Police say Nieves was asking for money. He got into with a 59-year-old man and when the older man stood up, Nieves just started wailing on his face with a metal tool.  When the train stopped, the attacker took off.

Another subway rider shot the video. Police released it and asked the public for help. Within two days, they got their man. NYPD Chief Dermot Shea tweeted, "Once again, an anonymous crime stoppers tip led to a successful apprehension and a safer city."

Detectives believe Nieves may be homeless and staying at a shelter. The victim remains in the hospital.  The chief's post-arrest tweet adds, "Commit a crime in New York? We're coming for you!"

Anyone thinking about breaking the law in the Big Apple, above ground or below, should think again!

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