HPD Dive Team admires work done by Thai Navy SEALs to save youth soccer team

HOUSTON - The rescue of 12 Thai youth soccer players and their coach has dive teams everywhere appreciating the rescue efforts of the Thai Navy SEALs.

"It's very impressive due to the penetration they had to go through," said Officer Gary Powers, a member of the Houston Police Department Dive Team. "They had to teach the children how to dive and how to get out successfully without getting in a panic mode."

The HPD Dive Team has 16 members and mostly serves on search and rescue missions, as it did during Hurricane Harvey.

"The biggest part of it was the size of Houston, when you have 16 individuals and eight boats," Powers aid. Then you have to ask yourself, 'How do you evacuate a city of that size to get them to safe locations?"

From Texas to Thailand, the bond of first responders is felt.

"It's tragic that one diver lost his life in this," said Powers. "It just goes to show you what divers and first responders are really willing to do to get to you, to save anyone or any person."

To see how Powers puts on some of the equipment from his point of view, check out the video below.

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