Idaho man impaled by spear lives to tell the tale

POCATELLO, Idaho - Let's get right to the point of this story, because it has a real one.

"The object missed his spinal cord. It missed his aorta. It missed the tube connecting his kidney to his bladder by a few centimeters."

The object an Idaho doctor is referring to is a 40-pound hay bale spear called a tine.  It impaled an Idaho man about two weeks ago.

Justin Firth is lucky to be alive.

"Pretty mind boggling and pretty scary to know what it is that's sticking through you," Firth said.

Firth was building a fence and the spear was attached to a loader when, suddenly, the attachment fell.

"And I felt something hit me and I went to the ground," Firth said.

The spear had gone right through his back and out his stomach.  Firth said he was looking around, trying to figure out what happened.  "And I seen that belt tine sticking through me and into the ground."

His co-workers called 911, then his wife, Anny.

"The officer stopped me at the driveway and said that I can't go back. That Justin had requested me not to see him like that," Anny said.

One of the first-responders happened to be a neighbor.

Firth was flown to a medical center where a team of surgeons had to act fast.

It took nearly four hours to remove the spear and repair internal injuries.  Doctors said if he'd been pierced just millimeters in either direction, it would have been a totally different outcome.

"I mean it coulda killed me instantly," Firth said.

It's now a daily reminder to the Firth family: despite the spear, he's got time on Earth to spare. So, make the most of it.

Now that's a good point!

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