Authorities: Recently-paroled Houston man confesses to killing his elderly mother, leaving the knife in her back

HOUSTON, Texas - When Vertie Hamilton's body is laid to rest in the coming days, her 56-year-old son won't be there. Garry Newman Jenkins is charged with her murder.

During Jenkins' probable cause court hearing, some of the grisly details of his 79-year-old mother's murder were laid out.  "Neighbors discovered the victim lying on the floor unresponsive with a knife sticking out of her back.  Video surveillance from the victim's residence confirmed that the only person seen entering the victim's residence was her son."

Concerned neighbors discovered Hamilton's lifeless body inside her home Monday afternoon.  Investigators soon learned her son had been living with her for the past few months since getting paroled.  They found out Jenkins was wearing an ankle monitor and had a parole violation.

They caught him at a bus stop Tuesday and took him in for violating parole.  Then they caught an even bigger break:  Jenkins confessed.

"They (investigators) conducted an in-custody interview with the son who eventually confessed to stabbing his mother," officials said.

The son is being held without bond.

"He committed the offense using a deadly weapon after having been convicted of a prior felony," officials added.

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