Caught on Camera: Teens threaten 1-year-old girl with taser!

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CONWAY, Ark. - A shocking series of Snap Chat videos have landed three teen babysitters behind bars in Arkansas after they apparently threatened a baby with a taser!

In the video, a teenager pretends to poke the 1-year-old toddler with a taser....all while the baby cries uncontrollably, stretching out her arms and looking for help.

An arresting officer reportedly wrote the baby seemed to be "out of breath from crying so hard."

"I couldn't even stay at work today," the baby's mom Elyssia Watkins commented. "Still thinking about it, Um-hmm."

But the unthinkable torture didn't end there. Another video shows a teen doing the little baby's hair-- and then suddenly slapping her in the back of her head.

The horrific treatment of the helpless baby girl is hard to watch, yet teens can be heard laughing in both videos, which are also covered with laughing emojis.

"Why do they think it's a laughing matter?" Watkins questioned.

The baby's mom discovered the abuse after a friend showed her the videos.

Watkins showed up for a hearing in the case outside the county courthouse, where the three teens, ranging in age from 15 to 17, were charged with child endangerment.

"They do need to go to jail, but I hope someone really talks to them. They get some counseling," Watkins said.


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