NewsFix in Space: Scientists capture the birth of a new planet, dimming light pollution in West Texas, and a visit to Roswell!

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OUTER SPACE - And now, it's time once again for NewsFix in Space!

Today's adventure takes us well beyond our moon to a galaxy far, far away.

Well, okay, maybe not that far....but what we're viewing is the birth of a bouncing new baby planet!

Yeah, astronomers say the newborn planet is two to three times the size of Jupiter.....and very hot-- as in nearly 2,000 Degrees!

Scientists indicate the planet was born the moment this bright light became surrounded by gas and dust.

Meanwhile, is light pollution from West Texas oil wells sending the wrong message into outer space?

Well, not quite that bad, but experts at the University of Texas McDonald Observatory in Fort Davis say it's critical to help protect the extremely dark skies over West Texas.

"McDonald Observatory has been world renowned since the '30s for having the darkest night skies of any major observatory in the world," McDonald Observatory assistant to the superintendent Bill Wren explained.

And that's why Texas oil and gas companies are getting on board with using different lighting practices at drill sites so they reduce light pollution and keep cutting-edge star research moving case we make contact!

Now that's a bright idea!

Speaking of making contact, near Roswell, New Mexico........the most famous UFO crash site on earth-- which has been closed to the public for 71 years-- is now open for business!

One tourist-- Rylan Bernard-- came all the way from Toronto to see the 1947 UFO crash site.

"It really did happen, and I just have to see it for myself," Bernard said.

Another man--  Kamran Pasha-- came from California.

"You can see where this craft landed, and where the alien bodies were," he revealed. "It takes you away from reality, your day to day life, and it makes you experience something magical. And you can actually touch it. It's really special."

Looks like the truth is still out there!

Until next time, keep watching the skies....and keep watching NewsFix in Space!

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