Here’s where you can drive, shoot actual military tanks and fly historic airplanes in Houston!

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HOUSTON — Ever set your sights on firing a military tank? switches into high gear with an army playground like no other— by rolling out 40 tons of fun! The company turns over the keys for you to drive and shoot real-life army tanks!

Drive Tanks Co-founder and CEO Todd Degidio says he wants clients to experience history while learning under the gun about World War II and the artifacts gathered from around the world.

"Being able to be a part of that machine and seeing how the troops had to live and fight in that time period. You can see it on video but you can't really get the full experience until you actually come out and get that shock wave. It's the anticipation knowing that you're firing one of the biggest guns from WWII at a full power load. We literally have people come from all over the world, just to be able to say that they shot a Sherman Tank," Todd Degidio said.

You'll have to deploy to Uvalde, Texas to crank up that beauty! The Sherman tank is a rare find as it's the only fully functional E-8 tank in the world.

Meanwhile, from rough and tumble tanks to flying antiques! Wings over Houston is taking first class to a higher level, especially when it comes to WWII aircrafts.

Dubbed as Houston's best kept secret, Houston Wing has been around for more than 30 years at West Houston Airport.

The crew books passengers on round trip flights, close enough to high-five the sky in airplanes that served during WWII.

Pilots say it's all about bringing back the history for veterans and civilians who don't have direct connections to the war.

"If you go to a museum and see an airplane setting there static it's kinda like a stuffed animal. It's not the same as a living animal. An airplane at a museum that doesn't fly is not the same thing as a flying airplane, and that's what people get to experience here.", said Pilot Nathan Harnagel.

Face it, this flight museum is just "plane" ole' fun!

Houston wing is open to the public for free on the first and third Saturday's of every month. Or you can charter a ride for a fee with a top gun experience.

Military grade tanks and high flying airplanes! Who knew learning history could be such a rush!

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