JJ Watt and younger brothers talk heat safety, hydration in Gatorade PSA campaign— and it’s totally rad!

HOUSTON — Ya’ll, the temperature is rising! As summer heat continues to reach triple digits across the United States— Texas definitely included— JJ Watt and his younger brothers, Derek and TJ, remind athletes to stay hydrated with two hilarious PSA videos that premiered Thursday on Youtube.

The boys take us back to health class— circa 1980s style! The vintage-style clips are part of the 14th Annual Gatorade “Beat the Heat” program, which educates athletes across all sports about the importance of hydration during hot, summer months.

In the first announcement, the Watt brothers are joined by dear old dad for a colorful discussion on the Color of Hydration.

In the next video, JJ and Derek bestow TJ with some wisdom about breathable clothing as the brothers Dress for Sweat-cess.

TJ Watt, the youngest brother, is a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Derek Watt, the middle child, is a fullback for the Los Angeles Chargers.  Of course, we can’t forget big brother JJ Watt, who is a tight end for the Houston Texans and one of the city’s most active philanthropists!

Gatorade was also nice enough to share the brothers’ charming hi jinks in a bonus outtake video. Now, will there be more PSA videos to come? We’ll have to wait and see, but don’t sweat it!

In the mean time, even after all this rad, fun-cational conversation about hydration and heat safety…are we the only ones who are still thirsty? 😉