June 2018 holds record for most homes sold in Houston

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HOUSTON, TX - Man!!! Houston is Hot!!!

The real estate market here is riding a "Bayou City High after last month saw the most homes bought ever, giving June the record, higher than any other month in history -- 8,518 homes to be exact.

Asha Govia's one of those folks looking to make H-Town her home and says she'll know the perfect house when she sees it.

And with so many homes to sell, it's OK for buyers like Govia to be a little picky.

But don't get us wrong, a flood of homes on the market doesn't mean prices are low. The new median is up 2.6% from last year, costing new home owners an average of $245,000.

So, what's causes the uptick in home sales? Are that many folks actually moving here? Or is this still a residual of Harvey days?

In closing, welcome home everybody!

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