No more ‘moist money’! Sweaty boob and sock money being denied at some retailers

HOUSTON - It's hot and it's humid, and Texans… you're sweating!  Especially if you're working out, or working in the sun, it's expected.  But be careful about where you keep your cash. There's a trend of stores refusing to accept sweaty bills.

Images are popping up online from across the country, where retailers are saying "thanks, but no thanks" to your `moist money.`

Johnathan Delgado's business, 'Popston' booms in the heat.  But he says he's not in a position to refuse money in any form.

“I'm trying to make a living out here. But I do see people's faces out here when I’m receiving that money and they're kinda grossed out by it," Delgado said.

You don't even wanna know some of the places this cash comes from.

“Socks for sure, a bunch of them.  Underwear has been one of the craziest situations I’ve been put in, but I had to take it. I wasn't going to tell the customer 'oh wow that's gross.'  I’m not sure if they had a pocket in there or something,” he explained.

Ewwwww, gross... Dollars from your drawers?

Thinking about where singles have been is already gross, but making it rain is one thing.  Damp dollar bills.... Y'all can hold on to those, thanks.

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