Black Heritage Society chosen: Mayor Turner takes a side to end dueling MLK Day parades in Houston

HOUSTON - For decades now, Houston has had not one, but two dueling MLK Day parades.

But now, Mayor Sylvester Turner has seen enough, and he's taking sides in the battle for parade dominance!

"Many people saw these two separate parades as being antithetical to the legacy and the message of Dr. Martin Luther King," the mayor said at a press conference Thursday.

On the one hand, the Black Heritage Society has celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with a special parade for over 40 years.

Not to be outdone, the MLK Parade Foundation has marked 24 years of parade bliss with the MLK Grande Parade.

But now the mayor wants the two groups to come together and form one unified parade.

"Dr. King once said that the time is always right to do the right thing, and today I'm doing what I believe is right by announcing my support for one MLK Jr. Day parade, and asking the city to stand with me as we go forward," Turner said.


So which side did the mayor choose?

"I'm announcing the City of Houston will honor Dr. King's legacy by supporting the Black Heritage Society," the mayor declared.

But not to rain on the parade-- the MLK Parade Foundation issued a statement they aren't completely on board with the city's decision and are awaiting some legal clarification before falling in line.

The next parade theme will be "It Takes A Village" in hopes of emphasizing the diversity in the city of Houston.



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