Allison Ximena, little Salvadorian girl separated from mom at border detention center, reunited with parent in Houston

HOUSTON — Allison Ximena, a 6-year-old girl from El Salvador, has finally been reunited with her mother in Houston after the two were separated for a month at detention centers due to the 'zero tolerance' immigration program.

"We have to fight for the case and waiting for the results of the judge," her mother Cindy Madrid said through a translator.

"We've got a long fight ahead of us," Madrid's immigration attorney Thelma Garcia said.

An audio recording of Allison crying for her mom has help to galvanize the reunification movement.

Members of the immigrant advocacy group FIEL gathered in Houston to express support for Madrid and her daughter. The organization has promised to fight for all immigrant families to be reunited.

"I think we've all seen how slow the process has been, how many kids are actually not paired off as to where their parents are at," Garcia suggested. "I believe there are a lot of kids that are lost in the system."

Some congressional leaders are continuing to speak out against the 'zero tolerance' program and pushing for immediate reunification of all separated families.

"This must be our number one priority no matter how complicated or how difficult," Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer insisted.

But the president has offered a different solution.

"Tell people not to come to our country illegally. That's the solution," President Donald Trump told reporters before leaving for Europe.

Since a federal judge has also issued a deadline for reunification before the end of the month, it looks like the race is on to see what, if any, real solutions come together.

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