Chicago police release bodycam footage of controversial police-involved fatal shooting

CHICAGO - Chicago police have released graphic bodycam footage of a police-involved fatal shooting of a man they say was reaching for a weapon, but now his death is sparking angry and violent protests in the Windy City.

"Sixteen shots and a cover-up!" a protester shouted on the street.

"I made the decision to release the body worn camera footage in this case because the community needs some answers, and they need them now," Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson announced.

"The whole damn system is guilty as Hell!" angry protesters chanted while parading down the streets.

The public outrage stems from a confrontation on Saturday when police officers approached a man, Hairth Augustus, on the city's south side.

The newly released video shows Augustus appears to have a holstered pistol on his waist, and as he moves away from police-- Augustus appears to be reaching toward his waist.

Police believed he was armed, and that's when officers opened fire, killing the 37-year-old.

"And having personally been involved in three police shootings, I know the emotional toll that it takes on everybody involved in it," Johnson shared. "It's not an easy thing."

Chicago's police chief of patrol later confirmed Augustus had a semiautomatic weapon.

"I know that the community is also hurting," Johnson added. "And I promise that CPD will be as transparent and open as possible while also respecting COPA's investigation."

"We're tired of community violence, and we're tired of police violence," community activist William Calloway said. "It just hurts a little bit worse from the police cause a lot of times it's racially motivated, we believe in our hearts."

Some of the protest chants include, "No racist police! No justice, no peace!"

Finding answers to diffuse the powder keg growing in the Chicago community looks like it might be easier said than done.

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