#Planebae mystery woman enlists lawyer; not happy about going viral

HOUSTON— How many of us dream of finding love on a plane? If you're single, it's the stuff fantasies are made of! But when does that fantasy turn into a nightmare? According to one person that happens when the romance goes viral.

That's precisely what happened when two people met on a plane and had their entire interaction live-tweeted with the #Planebae.

The video has since been shared on talk shows and social media garnering millions of views.

But the woman, who was captured in the video is not happy and is accusing Rosey Blair, the woman who tweeted out the encounter, of invasion of privacy!

The woman, who has chosen to stay anonymous has enlisted legal representation.

In a statement she released through her lawyer, the woman said:

"Without my knowledge or consent, other passengers photographed me and recorded my conversation with a seatmate... I did not ask for and do not seek attention. #Planebae is not a romance- it is a digital-age cautionary tale about privacy, identity, ethics and consent... Please continue to respect my privacy, and my desire to remain anonymous."

Blair has since apologized.

Meanwhile, #Planebae himself is taking full advantage of the situation and has gotten Insta-famous and women from all over the world are going crazy for the ex-pro soccer player.

So, how much is too much when it comes to exposing people through social media without their consent?

In short, it seems like it depends on who it is at the center of it all!

Even with the above scenario, one person ran with it, while the other ran from it. The question is which person are you?

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