Downtown Houston features 2 exciting new must-see art projects: ‘Open House’ and Mexican-American mural

HOUSTON - We know our city of Houston by many names.....the Bayou City, Space City, Clutch City, the Magnolia City, 'The Energy Capital of the World' and of course....H-Town.  But now there's a place where the many faces and places of Houston's past and present come together in a brilliant splash of artistry!

It's happening at the Art Blocks project called 'Open House' in Sam Houston Park, which has been crafted from a small house originally built in Santa Fe, Texas in the 1940s.

The art team of 'Havel Ruck Projects' has transformed the structure into an amazing work of art....literally an open house.

Here....visitors are transported across time via photographs.

"I had read that it was about sort of the diversity of Houston and its pasts, and that's certainly what I see here," visitor Leo Boucher shared. "A lot of old photographs, looks like it goes back to the 30's and 40's and 50's."

With the many holes constructed in the house, each one is a bit of a rabbit hole.

It's a little like walking among bubbles of inspiration at every turn.

"It's a way for The Heritage Society to continue to broaden the story of Houston's history that we tell here," The Heritage Society Collections Curator Ginger Berni said.

Just across the street at Connally Plaza, The Heritage Society has commissioned a permanent display of outdoor art with a massive mural of Mexican-American history and culture in 20th Century Houston.

"The title of the mural is 100 years of Mexican-American history/culture in Houston, so it's from 1900 to 2000," mural artist Jesse Sifuentes explained.

"A mural is narrative in nature, and it has a beginning, it has a middle and it has an end," Sifuentes added. "And therefore, because it's narrative in nature it tells a story."

With so much art around every corner, it's safe to say if these spaces don't inspire and get your creative juices flowing.....nothing will!

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