Minnesota daycare worker given probation after admitting to hanging toddler with noose

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MINNEAPOLIS — An unthinkable crime goes unpunished in Minnesota!

A Russian daycare worker Nataliia Karia confessed to hanging a 16-month-old boy with a noose back in November 2016 because she "couldn't take it anymore."

Miraculously, the little boy was saved by another parent.

"Unfortunately, you will have to live with those injuries that I caused you," Karia announced in a statement to the toddler in court.

Karia also injured a pedestrian and bicyclist she struck with her van while leaving the scene in a rage.

"Please forgive me for everything that happened to the boy and that terrible day," she added through a Russian translator.

The woman later claimed she was suicidal and suffering from severe mental illness, but her abusive husband wouldn't spend the money for emergency treatment for her.

So, after reading letters of support from parents of children in her care, the judge ruled that mental health was a factor in the case and sentenced the mother of four to 10 years probation.

"The question remains, as to why a mother of 4 children who has no known history of physical aggression or other criminal behavior would engage in such acts of violence?" Hennepin County District Court Judge Jay Quam asked.

In some ways, the case recalls the travesty of justice back in 1997 when a 19-year-old English nanny, Louise Woodward, was convicted of murdering a baby boy in Boston— only to have the judge throw the case out and Woodward walk away scot-free.

Over two decades later, some are scratching their heads once again at the American justice system.

And now the victims and their families are left to wonder how this woman got away with it all.

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