Declining Americana: Once staples of American culture, Houston area businesses keep classics alive

HOUSTON - American culture is constantly changing. While the technology at our fingertips is incredible, it can also make things more complicated. In the Houston area, a few establishments are keeping traditional American culture classics going strong.

At the Showboat Drive-In Theater in Hockley, you can watch a double feature from the comfort of your own car. Popular for family outings and first dates, the theater takes you back in time a bit to experience movies in a different way.

In Rosenberg, Another Time Soda Fountain and Cafe is crafting shakes, malts and sodas the old fashioned way. Soda jerks are ready to mix flavors that will always combine for a unique taste. Plus, there's burgers, patty melts and all sorts of American food classics on offer. To see how Another Time's owner Renee Butler creates a chocolate malt from her point of view, watch the video below.

Roller rinks have stood the test of time, long after the popularity of the disco days. Morgan Malone-Wilborn's family has operated rinks in southeast Texas for close to 70 years. The family currently runs Skateworld in Deer Park and Pasadena.

All of these places pay homage to the past, while serving the modern day customer. In an area as big as Houston, it always helps to know where to look!

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