Despite tragedy in Missouri, tourists continue to feel comfortable going on board Galveston Duck Tours

GALVESTON, Texas - Galveston Duck Tours has been operating since 1998, taking tourists on a 15-mile journey around the island by land and water. The two boats that the company uses are different than the amphibious tour boat that tragically sank near Branson, Missouri Thursday night.

On Friday, many tourists felt comfortable going on the Galveston Duck Tour.

"I did hear about what happened in Branson," said Elsie Bryant, who took a tour Friday morning. "I was not nervous at all. The weather here was much different. The sun was shining. It was great."

Galveston Duck Tours is regulated by the U.S. Coast Guard and the boats get inspected annually. Captains have licenses with the Coast Guards, and the ships are equipped with life jackets. For more information on Galveston Duck Tours, click here.