NewsFix in Space: National Moon Day, Jupiter’s unbelievable number of moons and more!

HOUSTON — It's hard to believe it's been 49 years since U.S. won the space race on July 20, 1969 and landed a man on the moon!

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," Neil Armstrong declared after taking those unprecedented steps.

In fact, NASA has recognized the moon landing as the single greatest technological achievement of all time. Not bad for a little moon dust!

And of course, don't forget, Houston is considered the first word uttered from the moon when Armstrong announced, "Houston, tranquility base here. The eagle has landed."

Speaking of famous firsts, a member of the famed Mercury 13— a group of female aviators who trained in 1960 to become the first women in space— Sarah Ratley has offered to go into space at her age, 84!

You see, Ratley never made it to space because Russia sent the first woman there in 1963. And then came the crushing news: NASA pulled the plug on the Mercury 13 project for women.

"Well, we got the telegram that everything got canceled at Pensacola," Ratley recalled.

Now, even at 84, Sarah hasn't given up hope of turning moonbeams into moon dreams!

"Everybody has the right stuff," she said. "It's not the outside packaging that counts, it's what's inside."

Finally, you won't believe how many new moons have been discovered or biting around the planet Jupiter— a total of 12 including a real oddball moon!

And that now brings Jupiter's known total number of moons to 79!

So, when that many moons hits your eye like a big pizza pie— dude, that's a lot of pizza!

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