California shoppers alarmed about the ‘Preppy Store Masher’

LOS ANGELES - A pervert in California is being called the "Preppy Store Masher."

Security video shows a well-dressed man lurking in the shoe section of a store. Detectives say it may look like nothing, but he's actually tracking his next victim.

A woman who appears quickly in the frame moments later get assaulted by the culprit.

One shopper says,  "Unfortunately it's not surprising but I thank you for bringing it to my attention."

Another shopper adds, "Just another predator going after girls like me or any other girl - or old women. Crazy that people are like that."

The LAPD says the guy appears well-dressed, waits in stores for his victims and after he hunts them down, he grabs them

and grinds or thrusts his entire body against them.

L.A County Sheriff's Department Detective Arlene Padilla says, "He does not attempt to hide his face or his identity. His calmness concerns us and we do not want his behavior to escalate."

Detectives aren't identifying the exact stores involved but it's already happened four times.

One shopper knows he'll eventually be stopped, "They'll find him eventually. Everyone has a phone. We're gonna catch him. We've got this guys."

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