Inside Story: The secret life of Houston’s Instagram influencers

HOUSTON — DeDe Raad puts in her fair share of work every day on Instagram.

The Houston-born fashion blogger has transformed herself from a typical user to an Instagram influencer— strutting her stuff on the 'Gram one post at a time! And the best part, everything you see in her post is for sale.

Her influential page has grown to more than 316,000 and counting! However, as easy as she makes it look, Raad spends long hours to perfectly pose each shot. And when the 27-year-old isn't posting looks and outfits to social media, she's offering life advice and enjoying world travel.

It's a hard job, but somebody's got to do it!

Let's strike a pose and get to know this fab and fashionable gal in today's Inside Story from the pages of Houstonia.