The dangerous act of toad licking may be trending again, especially in Arizona

CAVE CREEK, Ariz. - Some Arizona crooks have sunk to a new low for a really old high.  The yahoos were spotted on camera stealing four Sonoran desert toads.  You can actually see their victims leaping around inside the plastic bags.

"They're the largest toad in the southwest," according to game and fish biologist Randy Babb. "They can reach sizes of more than two pounds."

They aren't rare, which makes the trio's late-night excursion to bag 'em even more curious. Fact is, it's more than just vandalism. It could be highly dangerous.

These toads secrete a poison to defend themselves and a deadly trend called toad licking is making a comeback.

"Ingesting it. It's a pretty dangerous thing to be playing with," Rabb said.

The guys could be harvesting the toads' toxin to use as a psychedelic drug.  One theory is these guys are stealing the toads for their own recreational use.  They could also be selling 'em.  If that's the case, they're in bigger trouble. In Arizona, it's illegal to buy, sell or trade native reptiles and amphibians.

Their crime may be (ahem) ribbeting, and whether they did it for a high or to make a profit, doesn't the whole thing make you wanna croak!

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