Houston is most stressed out city in Texas, study says

HOUSTON — It's the downright bane of existence living under the weight of the daily grind.

And even though the Bayou City's a mecca for stress relieving activities, a recent Wallet Hub study says Houston is the most tightly wound city in the Lone Star State and among the top stressed out spots in America.

Out of 182 two major cities, H-town ranked third in work pressure. Measuring things like traffic congestion and commute time. We also landed 13th place for family stress with consideration to average marriage duration, social ties and cost of child care.

But how's this for a relaxing job? Houston based Mattress Firm is taking applications for an actual dream-filled occupation. If you love to do work and sleep at the same time, that is!

The mattress company is looking for a paid intern or "Snoozetern" to test out beds and create videos capturing their peaceful experiences.

If you're ready to trade the good ole 9 to 5 for a 20 hour work week pillowcase. Find a link to the application here.

And may the relaxation gods be with you.