Lego people are invading Houston, but not for long! 

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HOUSTON — Houston, we have visitors! The plastic, monochromatic kind made entirely of Lego bricks!

"Park People" is a creative art installation created by a former artist turned lawyer, Nathan Sawaya. The project has been on display in San Diego, Las Angeles, Las Vegas and even the front lawn at the White House.

Besides inspiring childhood nostalgia, Sawaya says he hopes people interact with his creations. In fact, visitors are encouraged to get up close and person with the art work— taking selfies, meditate, hanging out and talking with the sculptures.

"It's interactive, but it can also be kind of reflective," Brookfield Properties Arts and Events Manager Carol Watson said. "I mean, you have the orange Lego human who's in lotus position. So, if you sit down, you can get in to a meditative state or you can sit down and have a conversation with somebody, but it's also a way to engage with other people."

Of course, there are a few rules: no climbing, drinking, eating or smoking on these sturdy but delicate beings.

Brookfield Properties is sponsoring the art installation, which will be at 1200 Smith St. outside the Allen Center until Aug. 10. The project is scheduled to appear again at the Houston Center at 909 Fannin St. from Aug. 13 until Aug. 24.

Plus, it's absolutely free!

"I come out here almost every day to eat. All of us come out here just to relax and sit under the trees. These make it even more peaceful-- something different," one exhibit visitor told NewsFix.


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