Splendora ISD holds mock active shooter drill with multiple first-responder agencies

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SPLENDORA, Texas — In the wake of horrific school shootings this year, such as  like in Santa Fe and Parkland, Splendora ISD officials decided to hold an active shooter training drill Wednesday at Splendora High School.

"This is an opportunity for us to really evaluate the officers, the EMS, the [firefighters]— everyone that's gonna be responding," Klein ISD Police Chief David Kimberly told the assembled crowd.

SISD police say it's unfortunate they have to stage such a scene for training, but in this day and age, they admit it's sadly something they have to do.

Evaluators armed with clipboards took lots of notes at every turn in assessing each facet of the response.

The mock active shooter scenario was startling and realistic with officers even firing loud blanks to enhance the frightening sound of gunfire in school hallways.

With Santa Fe still fresh on many minds, officials were wary of the traumatic effects of this drill.

"If you have a concern, if you start to get upset or lose something, please reach out and grab me or something— and we'll get you out of this scenario," Kimberly said.

The district's Facebook page posted a notice during the drill with a Standard Response Protocol along with a message, saying "if this had been an actual emergency, you would have been notified of a 'lockdown' situation.  Within 30 minutes, a second notification would be sent updating you with information or instructions."

First responders learned how to set up from the first reports of gunfire to conducting a full-scale evacuation of the entire building.

"So we did find some things that we've measured, and we believe we can do better," Spledora I.S.D. Police Chief Rex Evans declared. "And we're gonna cover that."

The drill was only a test, but for everyone involved, they hope they never have to actually go through this in real life.

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