Houston nearing record-breaking water consumption rates

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HOUSTON — Houston is using a lot of water, and the July heat wave may have something to do with it!

The city is on pace for its greatest water consumption since 2011, which was Texas' driest year on record, according to data from Houston Public Works.

In July 2011, Houstonians used 580.64 million gallons per day or MGD. Now, fast forward to July of 2018, where 545.58 MGD of water has been used as of July 22.

Houston has been experiencing heat over 100 degrees— and during multiple days in a row on some occasions! The spike in heat temperature has lead to an increase of water usage to keep cool.

Many agree that conservation is important, however, it has been put on the back burner while staying hydrated and keeping cool remains the first priority. The month isn't over yet, there is still time to save money and conserve if you can.

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