Japanese ad company offers advertising in ladies’ armpits

TOKYO — Here's a new advertising idea that really stinks!

Japan-based advertising agency Wakino Ad Company has launched a real stinker of an ad campaign: selling ad space in armpits.

Ad execs think guys will make a real 'pit stop' to view the colorful ads, though not everyone may agree.

Well, some ladies are downright excited about the new advertising medium.

And hey, these pits don't come cheap— prices for pit rental start at a whopping $120 an hour!

The Japanese word for armpit is "waki," so those are some wacky prices for sure.

And just like with billboards, when the rental is done, the ads come off.

Wakino has already snagged its first client: a Japanese beauty clinic specializing in underarm hair removal.

So, if you want to promote your product in a really memorable way, don't sweat it! Go for the gusto— and choose the pits!