Critter News: Twiggy the water skiing squirrel retires, celebrity’s pet elephant escapes and more!

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Here's some news that's just plain nuts! After four decades, Twiggy the water skiing squirrel is hanging up his water skis for good.

The aquatics-loving rodent has been in entertainment for nearly 40 years, performing thousands of shows for fans. At least Twiggy went out with a splash, performing one last time at the X-Games in Minneapolis.

Wonder what that wacky squirrel is gonna do now? Kids of all ages will really miss watching the fur fly. Oh well, Twiggy, that's show biz!

Next up, a zoo in Egypt is wearing some stripes over this controversial zebra exhibit. That's because it may not be a zebra at all— but a donkey!

A zoo goer noticed the zebra's stripes looked smudged and then pointed out the extra large ears. Turns out, some spectators think the zoo may have painted a donkey to look like a zebra! Now PETA wants local authorities to take a closer look.

Lastly, who do you call when Michael Jackson's former pet elephant escapes? The gentle elephant named Ali has lived at the Jacksonville Zoo since 1997 when the King of Pop sent him there from the famed Neverland Ranch.

However, recently, Ali made a clean break dance from his zoo pen.

"And we are fortunate that the animal was contained in a back area," Deputy Director of Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens Dan Maloney said. "There was never any danger that he was going to be coming into a public area."

The zoo staff said it wasn't too hard to get the sweet beast back in his pen— they just had him do the 'moonwalk!'