Pakistani man detained by ICE for nearly a month has been released

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HOUSTON - A Pakistani man who was facing deportation from the feds has been released.

Mohammad Sarfaraz Hussain who was held in an ICE detention center for nearly a month is now free.

He described his ordeal that started in early July when he was detained at the airport after a return trip from Mexico.

"They put me in cuffs. I was very shocked. I was like, 'I haven't done anything wrong. I'm not a criminal!' Hussain said. "I remember there were cuffs on my waist, on my wrists connected to my waist, and you know, I could barely walk."

Hussain's supporters say he underwent and passed what's called a 'credible fear test' in order to be released from ICE custody.

But now the 23-year-old faces a potentially long legal battle in order to stay in the U.S.

"He is going to wait for an immigration judge, and then present his case to the immigration judge, which determines what the course is going to be from here on," Faraz's sister, Shahla Shahnawaz, explained.

The immigration advocacy group FIEL is supporting Hussain's fight to remain in America.

"I've stated to the family that even though we don't know them, we are like family because at the end of the day we are all immigrants, and we have to take care of each other," FIEL Executive Director Cesar Espinoza said.

They say Hussain was here on a student visa to begin with and was detained at the airport by an officer's discretion.

But ICE officials say after Hussain was detained he admitted under oath to working in the U.S. without authorization.

NewsFix reached out to ICE, but so far have not received any further comment.

But while Hussain is now free to fight for asylum to stay in the U.S., it looks like that fight is far from over.

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