HISD proposes pay freeze for all teachers, but school board gets final say

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HOUSTON — Are Houston ISD teachers headed for a pay freeze? That's what administrators have proposed for the new school year after feeling a major budget crunch in the district.

"But what this proposal does is devalues the experience of every single teacher in HISD, to give with one hand and to take away with another," Houston Federation of Teachers President Zeph Capo told NewsFix.

And now some educators feel they are having to suffer because of the district's financial woes.

"As a matter of fact, the district will be paying less for the same experience that they bought last year," Capo added.

The teachers' union president says the district didn't do its teachers any favors by waiting to disclose the proposed pay freeze, especially since teachers had to sign their contracts back in May, but only now are finding out about missing out on a raise.

"They could have released that in April, in May, in June. and unfortunately, they waited until someone else found out about it in July to even start talking about what the salary schedule was going to be," Capo said.

At least two HISD board members said they support giving teachers a modest pay raise for their job experience.

"It's a matter of respect. It's a matter of you actually recognize the experience that they bring into the classroom," Capo suggested.

Now with a blockbuster school board meeting happening Thursday, teachers are holding out hope the district will learn its lesson and scrap the administration's current proposal.

"The budget of HISD should reflect the priorities of the school board," Capo insisted.

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