Inside Story: How far will a charitable $50 donation go?

HOUSTON — There's an old saying that goes "charity begins at home."

Question is how much to give. $10? $50? $100?

How about we meet in the middle and find out just how far $50 can really go at three Houston charities. The answer might surprise you in today's Inside Story from the pages of Houstonia.

A $50 donation at Trees for Houston means five small trees about 3 to 4 feet tall make their way into the Houston landscape or one 6 to 8 feet tall tree will be planted in your honor. And the organization plants about 20,000 trees each year.

Barrio Dogs in East End has programs to spay, neuter, microchip and vaccinate pets. Along with education programs to help students learn about pet care. Fifty dollars there would spay or neuter one cat to help control the pet population. With your help, the animal lovers can help 200 to 300 animals a year.

At the Houston Food Bank, $50 goes a long way providing 150 meals for those who need it through the organizations food pantries, soup kitchens and hunger relief charities. Last year, the Food Bank distributed over 123 million meals across the Houston area.

To read more about giving back to the great city we call home, pick up this month’s issue of Houstonia.