Sen. Ted Cruz launches ‘Texas Defends America’ tour of military bases in Houston, other cities

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HOUSTON — Following the Senate’s final passage of the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act, Sen. Ted Cruz is launching a statewide ‘Texas Defends America’ tour of Texas military bases in San Antonio, Houston, San Angelo, Abilene and Killeen.

The NDAA bill includes numerous military necessities, including over $150 million in military construction funds for the state of Texas.The senator secured over 30 provisions that were successfully adopted into the bill benefiting Texas as well as America’s national security interests at home and abroad.

"And we're surveying a lot of the areas that were damaged during Hurricane Harvey, also surveying some of the neighborhoods that were flooded," the senator added. "Went down to Dickinson, went down to Galveston, League City [...] saw some of the areas that were flooded."

During the tour, Cruz stopped at the Coast Guard Air Station at Ellington Field.

"Spent the afternoon meeting with Coast Guard senior leadership talking about the lessons learned from Harvey and the preparations being put in place if, God forbid, we get another hurricane this year," Cruz said.

Cruz had nothing but praise for the brave men and women who served the Bayou City and flooded areas all throughout Hurricane Harvey nearly a year ago.

"They rescued over 11,000 people. They rescued over a thousand pets," the senator said. "They were flying from light post to light post over the freeways 'cause their visibility was so limited."

The senator says the Coast Guard is now even better prepared if and when they should be called upon to serve the Gulf Coast in the face of another horrific storm.

"I've never been prouder to be a Texan than in the days and weeks following Hurricane Harvey," Cruz said.

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