Chris Paul donates $2.5 million to Wake Forest University, promotes healthy habits

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HOUSTON — Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul has gifted a generous $2.5 million to Wake Forest University his alma mater.

The latest donation is the largest ever by a former basketball student-athlete under the age of 35.

CP3’s donation will transform the men and women’s clubhouses, expand and enhance locker rooms and provide treatment and nutrition areas.

Chris Paul has taken steps in promoting healthier habits.

The NBA star tells the Los Angeles Times he never used to be health-conscious, grabbing sugary, chemical-filled sports drinks that he picked off the shelves because of how they were marketed.

Now, the basketball player has a new mission: to get people, especially the young, to think more carefully about everything they consume.

He says his best advice is to have a plan for your day, such a meal prep.

Chris Paul is also all about WTRMLNSLCE water these days.

Wtrmlnslce is a new watermelon-based electrolyte drink, containing no artificial sweeteners and only two grams of sugar per serving, made by WtrmlnWtr.

WtrmlnWtr is an up-and-coming company in which Paul has invested along with our hometown superstar Beyonce.

Beyonce invested in WTRMLNWTR in 2016, calling it the future of “clean and natural hydration.”

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