Woman allegedly leaves 6 children unattended at in-home daycare service

PALMYRA, Pa. (WPMT) -- A Lebanon County woman who runs a daycare out of her Palmyra home is charged with endangering the welfare of children. The incident happened in the beginning of April, but according to court documents Meghan Fedor left children alone at her home on multiple occasions.

Neighbors said they've never seen anything out of the ordinary. Rather, the complete opposite.

"Everyday she was out there in the yard playing with the kids, and doing everything a good baby sitter should do," Robert Yiengst, a neighbor, said.

The Yiengsts said they almost asked her to watch their granddaughter.

"Because she has been nothing but great with the kids that she has," Joan, Robert's wife, said.

Investigators said Fedor left six children between the ages of 5 months and 5 years alone and unattended at her home on East Walnut Street. FOX 43 knocked on her door to ask for a comment, but no one answered.

"I noticed the last couple of months I really haven't seen any children there at all," Rocco Catalone, another neighbor, said.

According to the Lebanon County District Attorney's office, one of the parents arrived early to pick up their child on the morning of April 4th. There was no response at the door.

"It's pretty disturbing," Catalone said. "I mean I have four grandchildren of my own, and I just, I don't want to know people like that."

Shortly after, Fedor arrived and pulled into her garage, then shut the door. After a few minutes, she opened the front door with the child. Investigators said the child appeared to have been crying, and the shoulder straps of the child's carseat were wet.

"The kids never came out much at all during the day, just at the time they were to be picked up probably about 3 or 4 o' clock in the afternoon. She'd have them outside and they seem to be playing and having a great time over there," Catalone said.

Court documents also indicate that when the parent asked Fedor if the child was left alone in the car seat, she told them a friend had been watching the children while she was gone, and that she probably didn't hear the doorbell ring because they were in the basement.

About a month after the incident, another interview was conducted by the District Attorney's office, where Fedor admitted to leaving the six children home alone for approximately 10-12 minutes to pick up another child. According to court documents, she said she was unable to bring the kids with her that day because of the rain.

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