Caught on Camera: Frightening fiery rescue of driver from van engulfed in flames

WEST ALLIS, Wis. — Here's a fiery accident scene in Wisconsin that nearly turned deadly for victim and rescuers alike!

Check out this raging inferno in a mini-van all caught on camera.

As flames begin to engulf the vehicle, firefighters arriving on the scene become shocked to see a man sitting in the driver's seat, surrounded by the hot, surging flames!

Authorities say the man couldn't get out of the van because he was actually unconscious.

First responders actually had to break the window with an ax and pull the driver out of the burning car— even though they said he was still strapped in his seat belt, to boot!

"His foot was on the accelerator, and the engine was revving the entire time, which is probably what generated the heat to start the fire," Kurt Zellmann of the West Allis Fire Department said.

Rescuers say the way the man was positioned in the vehicle helped contribute to the burning flames.

Fortunately, the 60-year-old driver only suffered some minor scrapes and bruises.

Cops later said the man had been drinking.

And just to add insult to injury, the driver also got a citation from police for operating a motor vehicle while impaired.

Talk about a fiery finish!

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