Critter News: Meet Pickles the Pig, fawn rescued from Cali wildfires and what’s that thing in the cornfield?

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ST. LOUIS — Now this little piggy didn't go to market, but the piglet did ended up in quite a pickle on a busy St. Louis interstate!

"This is Pickles, the miracle pig," her new owner Randy Grim declared. "She fell off a commercial truck with a bunch of piglets going to their final destination."

But luckily for Pickles, some good Samaritans scooped up the 2-week-old piglet and sent her to a forever home at Randy's Rescue Ranch in Illinois.

"You know, you can't save 'em all, but we got to save one piglet," the Randy's Ranch founder added. "And that's pretty amazing."

Even Pickles gives an oink-oink to that!

Next up, here's a fawn saved just in the lick of time!

Well, that's definitely a lick of gratitude after this police officer saved the baby fawn from the California wildfire called the Carr Fire.

Now, the little Bambi has a second chance after being turned over to a wildlife rescue.

And here's a little riddle for you: what do you get when you combine a rough-toothed dolphin with a melon-headed whale?

Why, it's a dolphin-whale, of course!

This unusual sea creature really exists after researchers found one off the coast of Hawaii last summer.

Scientists say this probably isn't the start of a new species, but there are other examples of dolphins and false killer whales producing offspring-- they're called 'wolphins!'

Finally, something you don't see everyday in an Illinois cornfield!

"Strangest thing I've seen in a cornfield [and] I've seen a car wreck sometime in one," local resident Brian Beck shared.

It's something even crazie: an emu!

Nobody knows quite how the creature got there or what happened to the big bird after.

"Good grief. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that in a cornfield," another local resident Mike Gentille said laughing.

Yep, what a corny bird!

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