DACA decision is no decision…for now

HOUSTON — What's the deal with DACA? Is it still on the chopping block?

The latest decision is there is no decision and that`s after a hearing in federal court Wednesday.

Texas and seven other states are saying the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is an executive overreach.  The coalition asked for a nationwide injunction to stop the government from accepting new applications and issuing renewals.  But the judge hearing the case wants more evidence from both sides and he wants it by Monday.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says. "DACA cannot be allowed to stand without doing serious harm to our constitution. This lawsuit is vital to restoring the rule of law yo our immigration system."

Meanwhile, DACA proponents like FIEL issued the following statement:  "We are positive in the community's efforts and the legal team`s efforts to keep DACA alive.  In the end we will continue to fight for what we really need which is a permanent solution for dreamers and their families."

Dreamers live to dream another day.

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