Gates wraps up 3-day testimony in Manafort trial as FBI tells jury he collected $65M in foreign accounts

ALEXANDRIA, Virg. - On the seventh day of former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort's tax fraud trial, his defense attorneys unleashed on the prosecution's star witness and self-confessed fibber, Rick Gates.

Gates wrapped up his three-day testimony as the FBI told the jury Manafort collected $65 million in foreign accounts from 2010 - 2014 for consulting work in the Ukraine.

The defense outlined to jurors how Gates led a secret life in London and other cities using Manafort's money for living a lavish lifestyle and committing an affair Gates admitted to.

Gates claims Manafort was broke when he joined the Trump Campaign in 2016 and worked for no salary, but he testified that he and Manafort had been trying to secure another political consulting gig in the Ukraine at the time to rake in some dough.

Gates also described their elaborate scheme using so-called shell companies to move money around offshore accounts into hidden accounts in Cyprus.

While the defense tried to make most of Gates' stories sound far-fetched, Gates claims Manafort left a paper trail through mass emails requesting wire transfers and other items to support his testimony.

But with Gates on the stand, defense attorneys asked how a jury is supposed to believe him after all the lies he's admitted to.

Gates replied, "I'm here to tell the truth...I have taken responsibility. I am trying to change."

Guess we'll see if a jury believes that beyond a reasonable doubt.