Heisman hopeful Ed Oliver shows Houston can be destination for top college football players

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HOUSTON — Cougars star Ed Oliver admits he almost chose to play for LSU coming out of Houston's Westfield High School.

"A lot of interviews you go back and watch, 'LSU dream school, LSU dream school" Oliver said. "It wasn't even about the football program, just the purple and gold. That's just the school my family grew up watching."

Despite still having love for LSU, the Heisman hopeful feels he made the right decision in the end.

"I committed to Houston. It was honestly convenient, and my brother was here. I just proved you don't have to be at a Power 5 school. You can go anywhere and the scouts will find you. Don't worry about the outside, just go out there, do your job and play for your team."

Oliver will likely be an early pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, but he says if he's healthy, he will plan to play in any bowl game that the Cougars make.

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