Jeff Sessions applauds local law enforcement during Houston visit

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HOUSTON — Showering law enforcement with accolades, United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions visits the Bayou City.

His 25-minute speech to federal law enforcement agency leaders in Houston praised their efforts, especially when it comes to immigration enforcement.

“The President and I support you our local law officers, we respect you, we value your work, we know whose side we’re on, we’re on your side,” Sessions said.

Even so, Sessions pointed out that in one study, Houston has the third highest illegal immigrant population in a metropolitan area here in America.

“Often they have committed additional crimes after entering the country unlawfully, many have fled prosecution, legitimate prosecution in their home countries, and we definitely see a connection with MS-13,” Sessions explained.

That connection between unlawful immigrants and violent crime continued as sessions recalled specific Houston crimes carried out by MS-13 gang members.

Outside, opponents of the Attorney General gather to send him a message chanting.

“Sessions and Trump and the rest of the Trump administration have played loose and fast with the constitution, and they don`t care much about the rule of law,” says Dr. David Michael Smith with Houston Socialist Movement.

And when it comes to the repeated invoking of MS-13…

“They're saying now that gang violence is not enough to apply for asylum, but at the same time they're they talk about the administration talks about how dangerous gangs are. I guess immigrants lives do not matter the same as other lives in their mind,” Executive Director Cesar Espinosa of FIEL said.

While the power struggle on both sides of the immigration debate tugs to either side, Sessions reestablishes the administration's stance-- and opponents are still willing to show up.

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