Domestic dispute leads to chase, violent crash in south Houston, police say

HOUSTON— A man is dead following an argument that led to a violent crash in south Houston Monday.

Around 1 a.m., officers with the Houston Police Department Vehicular Division, responded to a crash on Gulf Freeway at College Street.

According to police, a couple was dining at Chula’s restaurant when they got into an argument. Witnesses told police that the argument started inside of the restaurant and carried over into the parking lot. The woman was seen getting inside of her red car and sideswiping the man’s white pick-up truck as she drove away down the Gulf Freeway service road.  Witnesses also saw the man leave going in the same direction.

Witnesses, who were traveling along the feeder road, reported seeing the same white pick-up truck swerve out of the middle lane and ram the side of a red car. The man in the pick-up truck lost control causing it to flip over and crash into a light pole.

He was ejected and pronounced dead at the scene, polcie said.

The woman was not injured.

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