Omarosa releases yet another secret recording! This time, one featuring President Trump

WASHINGTON — Another "he said, she said" controversy is brewing at the White House, this time, involving former President Trump aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman and the president himself.

Ahead of her new tell-all book "Unhinged," which is scheduled to come out Tuesday, Omarosa released some secret recordings she made at the White House and a phone call with President Trump after her firing:

"Omarosa, what's going on?  I just saw in the news that you're thinking about leaving. What happened?" President Trump asks in the secretly recorded phone conversation.

"General Kelly, General Kelly came to me and said that you guys wanted me to leave," Manigault-Newman responds.

"No, I, I...nobody even told me about it," the president retorts.

"Wow," Omarosa continues.

"You know, they run a big operation, but I didn't know about it," Trump says. "I didn't know that. Damn it, I don't love you leaving at all."

While the White House has blasted Omarosa for the secret recordings, she's defended the action.

"If I didn't have this recording...listen, people would still think that I was trying to set off alarms," the former Trump aide said. "So yes, I had to protect myself, and I have no regret about it."

On Twitter, President Trump called Omarosa a "lowlife" and said he had asked White House Chief of Staff General Kelly to try to work things out with her, but also added "I know the Fake News Media will be working overtime to make even Wacky Omarosa look legitimate as possible. Sorry!"

Omarosa's critics have called her disloyal to the president.

Of course, maybe Omarosa learned some recording tricks from Trump's former fixer attorney Michael Cohen, who also recently came out with some secret recordings of the president as well.

Omarosa has even alleged the president is a racist, which the White House was quick to respond to.

"She told ABC News the day after she was fired that quote 'Donald Trump is not a racist,' that she wouldn't have been there," counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway told Fox News on Sunday.

Some say Omarosa is just trying to sell her book and her conduct has shown her firing was justified.

But like so many controversies in the Trump White House, the question now is who will the public believe.

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