National Black United Front hosts town hall to discuss burial of remains found on Fort Bend ISD site 

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SUGAR LAND, Texas  — The National Black United Front hosted a town hall Monday night to clear the air over the ongoing construction where an apparent burial site was unearthed near Sugar Land in Fort Bend County.

Members of the Houston chapter of the NBUF spoke out about the current plans to relocate human remains found at the burial site where Fort Bend ISD has been constructing a new career and technical center.

Officials gave the community an update on the proposed DNA testing of the remains found at the site.

"And the answers were not satisfactory. There was a lot of, 'we plan, we're thinking about.' And we said, 'well, where is this in writing?'" NBUF leader Kofi Taharka announced.

NBUF officials still have many concerns about Fort Bend ISD's proposed plan for dealing with the unearthed remains.

"There are human beings. These people are acknowledged," Taharka added.

A site tour for NBUF leaders and archaeologists was recently held to survey where the remains were found and how their removal was being handled.

"And it was 100 and something Degrees out there. We were looking for the shade, but in our minds we said what about these 95 brothers and some sisters that was out here being worked from kc in the morning until kc at night?" Taharka said.

While everyone wants the community to find common ground in dealing with these remains, it sounds like the concerns of some community leaders aren't going to be resolved overnight.

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