Caught on Camera: Woman throws coffee on Hispanic contractor in LA

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LOS  ANGELES - An LA woman is feeling some heat.....after getting hot and bothered with a cup of coffee!

"Get out of my -bleeping- face, -bleep-!'" condo resident Rhonda Polon yells in the video as she tosses hot coffee at the man.

"She was calling us wetbacks and that we will probably there just steal their stuff after the all those racial comments on us," contractor Miguel Sanchez said.

The coffee culprit-- Polon-- is backtracking a bit on why she tossed coffee at the contractor who showed up with a co-worker at her condo complex in upscale Century City.

"I'm not a racist," Polon insisted. "None of those things have ever come out of my mouth. I may have a temper at some points, but I am not a racist person."

But what made the woman completely come apart at the seams?

She claims she was worried about the men since there's been a rash of recent burglaries in the area.

But the contractor was feeling a different vibe.

"There's a lady being super racist and crazy right now," Sanchez declares during his video recording. "I'm going to..I'm gonna show you."

After recording the incident, the worker called the LAPD to report Polon, but she told cops she acted in self-defense.

"I told you 8 times to get out of my face!" she screams at Sanchez in the video after tossing the coffee.

"I just reacted for my two.....I was trying to protect myself," Polon shared.

The worker decided not to press charges, but anti-racism protesters showed up outside Polon's home.

Now, she says she regrets her behavior and hopes she can put it past her.

"I'm completely sorry for throwing the coffee," Polon expressed. "They are now coming from both sides, and it scared the Hell out of me."

For all involved in this nasty incident-- it's left a bad taste behind for everyone!

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