Bulletproof backpacks for sale in Houston as students head back to school

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Check out the video to see footage of test firing at the backpacks!

HOUSTON - Back-to-school shopping at a shooting range might have once seemed strange, but with new safety concerns on school campuses, not anymore.

At Shiloh Shooting Range, bulletproof backpacks  are a hot commodity.

“They definitely become more popular, and start moving off the shelves we've gotta start calling in our reorders a lot faster than throughout the summer.  People find out about this, it`s been very well received,” General Manager Jeff Sanford said.

Tuffy Packs is the brainchild of Steve Naremore, a Houston native with an idea to help keep students safe.

“I basically took what a police officer wears on a daily basis and reconstructed it into a removable panel that could fit into virtually any backpack and have the same ballistic characteristics as what a police officer wears as far as safety,” Naremore said.

You've got two choices from Tuffy Packs.  Backpacks with the ballistic material sewn in already or different sized panels for different sized backpacks that fit snug as a liner.

“When the alarm goes off or you when hear shooting in the hallway your backpack is what you want to put between you and the threat and it's generally held out in front of you,” Naremore said.

The inserts can be purchased at Shiloh Shooting Range or at Peace of mind...even if it's for a product you hope your child will never need.

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