SportsFix: Getting Raheel on Jalen Ramsey’s claims on NFL Quarterbacks

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HOUSTON - In today`s media, we`re so accustomed to reading stories based on anonymous or league sources that we forget how to react when somebody puts their name on a story and talks smack. that`s exactly what happened earlier this week when Jacksonville Jaguars all-pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey lit up the entire NFL quarterback stable with an interview in GQ magazine. While Texans QB Deshaun Watson received some nice words from Ramsey, but the rest of the league was not as lucky. Didn`t read it? Here are some of the highlights.

Bills rookie QB Josh Allen? Trash.

Former league MVP and Falcons QB Matt Ryan? A nobody.

Joe Flacco? He sucks.

Big Ben (Roethlisberger)? Meh, decent at best.

It was interesting that Jalen left off his college QB Jameis Winston who can be argued to be actual trash since he was suspended three games by the NFL for violating the personal conduct policy. Remember, he was accused of inappropriate touching by an Uber driver,  this after be cleared of rape during his playing days at Florida State.

Also, Blake Bortles didn`t catch any heat, but why would he bash his own QB?

While trash talk on the field is accepted, people had a lot of issue with Ramsey for all the shots he took at quarterbacks. Look, we can`t ask for everything to be on the record and when it is, complain about it. Jalen Ramsey is incredibly confident and will have to back-up all of his trash talk this season. I personally love it and want to thank Ramsey for the hours of content he provided for me on my show, but I wish he was equal opportunity with his hate when it came to guys that he played with.

If you want hear more from Raheel Ramzanali, then check it his show ESPN 97.5.

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