Asia Argento, leading voice of Me Too Movement, accused of sexually assaulting young man

ROME — The tables have turned on one of the founders of the Me Too movement.  Italian actress and director Asia Argento is now embroiled in a sex scandal of her own.  The 42-year-old allegedly assaulted former child actor Jimmy Bennett when he was 17 and she was 37.

Argento was among the first in the biz to bring down Harvey Weinstein by publicly accusing the movie mogul.  She says he raped her when she was 21 and the harassment continued for years.

But in the months following her revelations about Weinstein, according to the New York Times, Argento quietly arranged to pay off her own accuser to the tune of $380,000.

Bennett, now a musician, said she assaulted him in a California hotel room in 2013, just two months after he turned 17.  In California, the age of consent is 18.

Here's a brief time-line of their relationship:

2004:  Bennett played Argento`s son in "The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things."

2013:  Argento and Bennett reunite in her hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina Del Rey.  According to documents e-mailed anonymously to the New York Times, Argento gave Bennett alcohol, took advantage of him physically and even took photos of the two in her bed. Some were posted on Instagram but have been deleted.

Bennett says the encounter affected his mental health and his ability to earn a paycheck.

2017: Bennett was triggered by Argento publicly accusing Weinstein of sexual misconduct.   His  attorney filed a notice of intent to sue but the now 22-year-old settled for the pay-off.

So far, no comment from Argento. We're just wondering, how do you say hypocrite in Italian?

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